Our Team

Craig S. Wroblewski Colonel (Ret.), MS, CEM,

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Craig S. Wroblewski is a retired Army Military Police Colonel with 30 years of military and law enforcement service. Colonel (Ret.) Wroblewski is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) with 20 years of senior level emergency management experience.  Mr. Wroblewski has vast experience in operations and training, exercise development, planning and administration and law enforcement.

He has served at the most senior levels of government to include the Director of Joint Staff, Chief of Staff (CEO), Director of Domestic Operations (Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management), Provost Marshal (Senior Law Enforcement official), and numerous high level command positions.

Mr. Wroblewski’s experience includes serving on senior level national committees on anti-terrorism / force protection, emergency management, counter narcotics and domestic aviation and unmanned aerial vehicle support.  He served on numerous real world emergencies to include director of operations for one of the nation’s largest search and rescues:  the Steve Fossett SAR.  He served as a senior level government representative during hurricane Katrina relief operations in the State of Louisiana.

Mr. Wroblewski served as a senior officer on numerous other emergency incident management teams to include special security events, complex wild-land fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, winter storms and chemical biological and nuclear events.  He has developed and implemented numerous national and regional level exercises and is HSEEP certified.  Mr. Wroblewski successfully managed an annual budget in excess of $100 million dollars and managed an organization of over 3500 employees.

Mr. Wroblewski has completed numerous FEMA and DHS courses to include COOP, ICS, lean six sigma, is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno and the U.S. Army War College with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies.

Kim Labrie Colonel (Ret.)

Executive Vice President

Kim Scott Labrie retired from the U.S. Army as Colonel with 30 years total military service.   He is a Master Army Aviator qualified in the UH-1H/V, OH-58A/C and the UH-60A/L and completed over twenty-four years of Army aviation service.  Kim also has extensive experience in the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems. During his military career, he commanded at all levels through Brigade.  His final position was as State Army Aviation Officer for the Nevada Army National Guard where he managed two aircraft flight facilities with over 20 fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and managed a yearly budget in excess of $20 million dollars.

Mr. Labrie brings over 12 years senior-level experience with disaster response planning and execution, as well as in counterdrug supply reduction and interdiction operations supporting all levels of civilian government and law enforcement.   Kim’s experience in domestic response leadership includes nine years as Nevada National Guard Counterdrug Taskforce Commander, five years tenure as Executive Board member with the Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and aviation command of eleven special security events (SSEs) and one National Level Exercise.

Mr. Labrie’s significant undertakings include command of the Army Aviation component of the 2008 Steve Fossett search, multiple state and regional wild land fire events, and leadership of the Army National Guard’s helicopter reconnaissance taskforce in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina relief operations.

Mr. Labrie is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno.

Sue Colina

Vice President Executive Recruiting

Sue Colina began her career with 15 years in the healthcare industry in various roles to include the sales and support of technical software accounting applications, corporate operational accounting for an HMO and also physician practice management. Since 2005, Sue has been an Executive Recruiter in the Finance & Accounting specialty employed and trained by Accountants, Inc., now known widely as Randstad Professionals. Sue is best known by her customers for her sense of urgency, attention to detail, consultative style, patience, tenacity and passion to connect qualified professionals with outstanding employers. She took a two year break in 2009 from agency recruiting, accepting a senior team position as Corporate Director of Career Services in the education industry. In this role, she rounded her experience in being responsible for developing, training and executing on the placement strategies of entry-level graduates from 10 western regional campuses and numerous fields of study.

Ms. Colina’s placement and recruiting career spans 12+ years and includes a wide array of industries in both privately held and publicly traded companies from support staff to C-level executives. Her experience and outreach has brought her into contact with 100’s of hiring managers, corporate recruiters and human resource professionals of varied backgrounds, styles and preferences.

Ms. Colina joined Sierra Executive Solutions, Inc. (SES) in February 2017 as the VP of Executive Recruiting and expanded her search platform from Finance & Accounting as primary, to include placement for other professions such as Operations, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources & Corporate Recruiting and some Information Technology and Security roles.
Her approach is identifying a client’s hiring needs, sourcing active and passive candidates, screening qualified candidates, adapting and adjusting when the client preferences evolve, generating interest and enthusiasm amongst qualified professionals, managing the entire interview process through negotiation and closing the job offer. She is dedicated to engaging both client and candidate with primary objective that client not only obtain, but retain their top candidate. Sue is known for striving for perfect matches in skills, culture fit and personality/style resulting in long term placements with an industry rarity of less than 5% attrition in the 90 day trial timeframe. Sue is committed to delivering on the expectations of hiring companies and being the catalyst for that valued professional’s exciting new career path.

Ms. Colina graduated from the Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts and subsequently attended Wells College in upstate New York on a liberal arts track focused in fine art and languages.

Rick Blower Esq., Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)

General Counsel

Rick Blower is currently a solo practitioner practicing law in two primary areas: 1) business formation and representation of businesses in all legal areas, and 2) estate planning and probate.

Mr. Blower previously served as the Staff Judge Advocate for the Nevada National Guard in Carson City, NV and held the full-time SJA position from 2002 through 2012, and was the Headquarters Staff Judge Advocate for the 152 Airlift Wing in Reno, NV from 1987-2002. He retired from full-time National Guard Service as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2012.

In his JAG position, he served as the primary legal advisor to The Adjutant General (TAG) of the Nevada National Guard, the United States Property and Fiscal Officer (USP&FO) for Nevada, and Commanding Generals of the Nevada Army and Air National Guard, as well as subordinate Commanders.  In this capacity, he reviewed and approved Nevada National Guard contracts involving federal expenditures between $100,000 and $10,000,000 for legal propriety and compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and all applicable federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Further, he advised the TAG and subordinate commanders on provisions of Title 32 and Title 10 of the United States Code, ensuring legal use of money, personnel and equipment to avoid Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) violations, while maximizing the ability of the Nevada National Guard to respond to state and federal emergencies.  He provided advice on all areas of labor law, including Equal Employment Opportunity, Merit Systems Protection Board, compliance with federal regulations regarding technicians, and compliance with state law regarding state employees.

Mr. Blower is a graduate of Notre Dame University and has a Juris Doctorate (J.D.).

Pierce Tucker Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)

Executive Vice President / Contracts

Pierce Tucker is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager with 19 years of experience as a contracting professional across all aspects of acquisitions including; operations, systems, construction, administration, and terminations. He is Certified at Level III for Contracting in the Acquisition Professional Development Program.

Mr. Tucker has a broad spectrum of experience across several Air Force, Air and Army National Guard positions culminating as the Director of Contracting for the Nevada National Guard while serving as the Chairman of  the National Guard Acquisition Advisory Council. He has managed everything from Simplified Acquisitions to multi-billion dollar service contracts. Considered an expert in acquisition planning, management, and contract administration, he has served stateside as well as several forward deployed locations including: Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan.

Mark Bittick Colonel (Ret.), MS,

Executive Vice-President of Security Programs / Chief Financial Officer

Mark Bittick has an extensive background in civilian and military law enforcement and anti-terrorism. He retired from the Nevada Highway Patrol with over 20 years of service. While at the highway patrol he served on a number of tasks forces to include interagency counter narcotics interdiction task force. He also served as personal security to the Governor of Nevada. During his military career, he served as the Senior Law Enforcement Executive, Director of the Nevada Army and Air Strategic Policy, Plans and Capabilities and Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Commander for the National Guard and has over 11 years of Domestic Operational Leadership experience. He participated in approximately 15 large interagency domestic operations and training events which required coordination and integration with all levels of local, state and federal agencies including NORTHCOM.

As the National Guard Senior Law Enforcement official, Mr. Bittick was responsible for the Installation Emergency Management Program, Physical Security Program, Electronic Security, State Security Guards, Anti-Terrorism Program, DHS Critical Infrastructure Protection Team and Intelligence Personnel for state, federal and local fusion centers. He was responsible for establishing and implementing the National pilot Installation Emergency Management Program for the National Guard. He Established and maintained liaison with federal, state and local public officials and civic groups, other reserve component activities, unit advisors and staff representatives from the Department of the Army, Army National Guard and the National Guard Bureau. He established the Nevada National Guard DHS Critical Infra-structure Team that conducted vulnerability assessments of government and civilian key infra-structure for the DHS. He developed and maintained the National Guard Intelligence Inter-agency Fusion Program.

While serving as the National Guard Senior Strategic Planner, he developed and managed the strategic plans for the Air and Army Guard, Army Blue Ribbon Panel and served as a panel member of the Air Blue Ribbon Panel, Army Community of Excellence, Domestic Response Plan, and the Joint Capability Database. He planned and conducted Strategic Planning session for the annual review of the National Guard five year strategic plans.

Mr. Bittick has attended numerous law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and DHS / FEMA courses and is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno and the U.S. Army War College with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies.

Daryl Keithley, Command Sergeant Major (Ret.)

Executive Vice President of Operations

Daryl Keithley has an extensive background in Civilian Law Enforcement and Military Security operations. As a law enforcement professional, Daryl Keithley has served as the Police Chief for two agencies and has extensive background in narcotics, detectives and has served on numerous task forces. During his military career, Daryl Keithley has served at all levels of a senior Non-commissioned Military Police Officer to include Platoon Sergeant, Operations Sergeant, First Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major. He rose to the highest position of a Non-commissioned Officer serving as the State Command Sergeant Major for the Commander of the Army National Guard.

While serving in the National Guard, Mr. Keithley has deployed numerous times to very difficult anti-terrorism / security situations. Just days after 911, Mr. Keithley’s Military Police Company was brought on active duty and sent to the Defense Language Institute (DLI) to provide force protection. After just three months at home following the deployment at DLI, his company was activated again and sent to Iraq where he was responsible for opening up the Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) Camp at Abu Ghraib Iraq. His company received awards and praise for their handle of EPWs and was followed by the reserve company who was investigated for their poor handling of prisoners.

Mr. Keithley’s Military Police Company was soon called up again, this time as the first out of state Military Police Company to serve in New Orleans right after hurricane Katrina. Mr. Keithley’s security task force was made up of a Military Police Company and Security Police Detachment and served at the Super Dome and then the Convention Center and was responsible for the protection / safe evacuation of thousands of New Orleans Citizens.

Mr. Keithley took a leave of absence from the Police Force and came on active duty to serve as the Command Sergeant Major of Domestic Operations of the Nevada National Guard where he coordinated the response to many natural and man-made disasters and conducted interagency cooperation with numerous federal, state and local agencies. Mr. Keithley also successfully coordinated the interagency security and anti-terrorism support for the yearly Las Vegas New Year’s Eve celebration. While serving in this capacity, he was selected to be the full-time State Command Sergeant Major for the State of Nevada where he was responsible for over 3000 personnel. Mr. Keithley has served on numerous state and national level committees.

Mr. Keithley has attended numerous law enforcement, anti-terrorism, DHS and FEMA courses. He currently has an active Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate for Nevada and is a graduate of the US Army Sergeants Major Academy.

Shawn Fawcett

Director of Executive Recruiting

Shawn Fawcett began his career in the accounting field working in various roles for 6 years as an auditor, staff accountant and accounting supervisor in the gaming, biotech and technology industries. In 2000 Shawn transitioned into the recruiting industry and since 2005, he has been an Executive Recruiter in the Finance & Accounting specialty employed by Accountants, Inc., now known widely as Randstad Professionals. Over the years Shawn has built an excellent reputation with his customers for his honesty, professionalism, follow up, listen skills, sense of urgency and for being proactive. He prides himself on building long-term relationships and will go above & beyond to provide the best customer experience today, tomorrow and in the future.

Mr. Fawcett’s recruiting career spans 16+ years and includes a variety of industries that include CPA firms, publicly traded and privately held companies and has a successful track record for being able to identify top talent from support staff to C-level executives. Through his continuously growing network he has developed relationships with hiring managers, corporate recruiters and human resources professionals from multiple industries and has learned how to adjust his approach to accommodate their varied style, personalities & preferences.

Mr. Fawcett joined Sierra Executive Solutions, Inc. (SES) in August 2017 as the Director of Executive Recruiting and started to expand his recruiting scope beyond Accounting & Finance as his specialty to include placements in other professions that include but are not limited to Operations, Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Corporate Recruiting. His recruiting approach goes well beyond just matching a candidate’s skill set to an open position; he prefers to go deeper to find the perfect match to insure a long-term working relationship for the candidate and client. This includes identifying exactly what the client’s hiring needs are, touring the office to get a feel for the environment & current staff personalities, sourcing active and passive candidates, screening qualified candidates, checking references and making the needed adjustments throughout the entire hiring process. Shawn is completely committed to helping professionals grow their career and helping companies find the best talent.

Mr. Fawcett graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and obtained his Associates Degree in Accounting from Alfred State College in Western New York.