Robert Bagnato

Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Rober Bagnato, CW5 (Ret.)

Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

Robert “Bob” Bagnato is a retired US Army CW5 with over 38 years of military service.   Mr. Bagnato’s experiences lie in the field of both manned and unmanned aviation.   He holds a US Army Master Aviator designation with over 7500 flight hours, and FAA commercial pilot certificates for both fixed wing and rotary wing categories.

During his military career, Mr. Bagnato held positions as an Aviation Maintenance Test Pilot, State Aviation Safety Officer, and Aviation Tactical Operations Officer.   Mr. Bagnato also holds a Raven RQ 11, Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) Master Trainer designation.

Bob’s experience also reaches into the law enforcement arena as he is a former California Highway Patrolman.  During both his law enforcement and military careers, he has trained and worked with the “best of the best”  including the US Secret Service, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol, US Marshall Service  and various other state and local agencies.